Heeling, update on Fievel

Taped heeling today. Fievel is having this amazing attitude these days, I just love it!!
3 things I have marked myself to work on this 6 week plan
*Position on run heeling
*Left turns on slow heeling (he bumps his cute butt in the ground now and then)
*Walking backwards

End of the 6 weeks evaluation

Q-tee. So playful and so happy. Rewarding her with social play is what works best for big rewards. Poking her, petting her, make her energy pop so she runs around in circles and loose control. 😀
In heeling we have worked a lot on starting with me when I say «foot». When we started she mostly sat behind and «oh, I was suppose to join». Last 3 weeks that is almost gone. Heeling slow she does nicely in position without trying to sit, run heel its better position but still need some work.
Retrieve we had full one for the first time these weeks. She holds it up to 6-7 seconds, 1 seconds without stepping with feet.
Call in with stand we have focused on the stand and planting feet, she is very powerful and it looks great. She finds it hard to figure out if she should stop or not in speed if confirmation ain’t fast and I’m walking backwards, so we worked instead on jump stand and me walk/run away when she is in the air and about to land. Got 1,5 meter distance work on volunteer jump stands, run from bowl with food we will come back with in another 6 weeks 🙂

Tiny bit more trained but I’m clearly not strict enough on my criteria. On left turns in heeling and getting into position he bumps on his butt into place instead of working with his feet, so we went back to basics (thank you so much Fanny and Thomas for explaining the usefulness of having basics to always go back to).
Back to the basics also on volunteer jump stand. He is little better on not taking extra steps, but not there yet, works very well when I use doggie zen.
On retrieve he has started to chew and sitting next to me he steps with his feet.
He is so cute, cause when I fail him when he sits with it, he looks at me and «hell no, that don’t pay off».
When he holds the retrieve tight when I give it to him when he sits, he holds it good walking after me and I test his grip. But when I throw it, he is sloppy taking it up and retake or chew. nom nom nom…. ^^
So I sat down, wiggled it back and forward to get attention to it like its an awesome toy. Throw it half a meter and when he holds it good we celebrate. Fails just makes a rerun on it. It’s progress and I hope this can be a way for us to go, at least some of the way.
For the motivation I’m switching on training sit and hold it and chase it and hold it tight, I have managed to fail him a little more without getting a «fuck you» attitude.

Call in with stand..

…was the only thing Fievel failed on his last competition. It’s been one of the things we have focused on the last 6 weeks for good reasons.

Splitting it up there have been 5 things to work on.
*Jump stand and freeze both front feet. Fievel went to old habits and lands and gets comfortable with 1-2 extra steps.
*Jump stand, in the air I run away
*Jump stand and stand still over time
*Run from bowl of food and on release run back and eat
*Volunteer jump stand on distance

Today we trained with run away from bowl for the first time with vom&hundemat (raw meat thingy).

Several of the tries ended like this. A sneaky jumping on the food when I called in towards me. Shame about the dog trainer….. Dogs learned to steal, I learned to fool them by pretending to put food there so they could actually fail when they were bastards 😉

But we also got a couple of good ones between the fooling.

The 6 week plan

Since we can’t train much, since my memory ain’t working that great, a plan on our training is highly needed.

I have the same plan with both of my dogs as they are around the same experience. Q-tee is in class 1 obedience, Fievel in class 2, but she learns tiny bit faster and is catching up to him.

This is our 6 week plan. We train around 5 min every time, 3 times a week.

Call in with stand

Week 1
-Chains, heeling

Week 2
-Call in with stand
-Call in with stand

Week 3
-Chains, heeling
-Call in with stand

Week 4
-Call in with stand

Week 5
-Call in with stand
-Chains, heeling

Week 6
-Call in with stand

Heeling is my favorite exercise and what I find most important to have great, call in with stand is the only thing Fievel failed on on last competition.
We just finished week 4 and I do see progress with both dogs. I get time to focus more on the details and will in the end of the 6 weeks change to something else to focus on.

As most people don’t know, my health went to the worse this winter.
To explain it simple, if I’m in the store I’m dizzy and close to faint. If I make food I sit on the sofa and cry of pain after. If i have friends or family over i sit and cry of pain after. My symptoms are several and they come from pretty much nothing.
Simply, I have an amazing husband that’s helping me with what most people take for granted ❤

I have some experience with this ahead, these days (well as always) I try focus on what I can do to make my life quality as good as possible. I’m trying to be tiny bit outside every day, but to limit it. I am scared of getting worse as that’s a big possibility, so I am very careful and keeping myself on a leash, but at the same time have a little fun. Agility i realized in December I won’t see any of in 2015, but obedience is more simple. I don’t need any extra equipment for most and a lot of it can be done in a simple way.

I will try to blog some again. Blog some about our 5 min session’s, cause well, that about what I manage do now. Already seen some progress with my dogs, gonna be fun to see what we manage to the end of the year with good planning.

Q-tee eating ice cream on our national day

That great feeling

In little over a week me and Fievel going to compete class 2 in obedience again. Our debut in March the attitude was wrong, missing in general so much, and Fievel had wrong type of stress and ran out of the ring 3 times cause he didn’t know what to do with himself in happiness. We are still struggling with call in with stand and send to square with stand, but the attitude have been so great lately. Really hoping I see some of the same dog on competition, at least on the heeling 🙂

7 weeks ago I made a 8 week plan for what we going to train on before the competition, to not leave anything out and keep track with what we have and where we want to go. It feels better, and I will for sure do the same with Q-tee forward also.

Today’s practice was great with Fievel, pretty good with Q-tee, but in ways so perfect! They both love this so much, we are clearly doing something right.
Chained last 3 obedience sequences with Fievel. First last «jackpot», then second last and last «jackpot», then third last, second last and last «jackpot».
Fievel built up this happiness and got more and more eager to the end.
On distance control «down» in position next to me and I leave him and go 5-6 meter away. «sit»….»down»…»sit»… and Fievel jumps in the air and into a so so nice stand and shakes his tail sooooo happy.. I really can’t help but laugh! 🙂
Q-tee… think about a rubber bungee.. On the target now we are standing 5-10 meter ish away. When she focuses, I let her go, she explodes, and freezes standing on the target and wagg tail like crazy, she is way more like my old border collie «Rajah», then Fievel. I am in a huge need to learn more about obedience, cause she will go how ever far I manage to teach her 🙂

Kløfta 01.11.2014

Whop whop!!

Fievel had his first run in jump 2 on Saturday. I think class 2 can fit us better, more handling, and I often need to run to reach my position for handling. After qualifying for class 2 2 weeks earlier I have panicked if we are really ready. There is probably a couple of things we can train more on, it will always be like that, but briefing that course was plain FUN!!! Jumping up and down and waiting for our turn to run!

Think our best run so far 🙂 Not even annoyed he disqualified, just thrilled with him!! 😀 and we for sure have something to do in this class 🙂

After that run I did not feel much for the agility run, as we haven’t trained contacts as much as wanted, it’s still our big weakness. But my cool boy does his stuff, 3rd place of 39 attending and another qualification for class 2 🙂



Norwegian open 2014

Fievel haven’t been 100% on this weekend, we got few faults we normally don’t get. So not used to it, they wont be in our list of what we need to train on 🙂

Had a good attitude all weekend and focused on things that are getting better.

*Weave poles, 3 of 4 correct and with great speed, 2 times I pushed him by yelling «gogogogo», first time he completed, second time he failed.
*I focus on only having fun before a run and don’t think about clean runs.
*Fievel understood «vippe vippe vippe» means seesaw.
*Fievel went over the dogwalk after taking seesaw first. Saturday very carefully, litte more speed on Sunday.
*A frame works good, even tho we haven’t trained much on it at all.
*I trusted him on starts and went in to the position I wanted to be in.
*We been out waiting for our turns with 10 dogs ahead and trained little tricks and cuddled some. Clearly this work as a start routine also!

Our last run on Sunday I did not expect much of him, as he get more unstable the more tired he is. But we went in, did a clean run, 5th place of 32 dogs and are now qualified for class 2 in jump!!!