Norwegian open 2014

Fievel haven’t been 100% on this weekend, we got few faults we normally don’t get. So not used to it, they wont be in our list of what we need to train on 🙂

Had a good attitude all weekend and focused on things that are getting better.

*Weave poles, 3 of 4 correct and with great speed, 2 times I pushed him by yelling «gogogogo», first time he completed, second time he failed.
*I focus on only having fun before a run and don’t think about clean runs.
*Fievel understood «vippe vippe vippe» means seesaw.
*Fievel went over the dogwalk after taking seesaw first. Saturday very carefully, litte more speed on Sunday.
*A frame works good, even tho we haven’t trained much on it at all.
*I trusted him on starts and went in to the position I wanted to be in.
*We been out waiting for our turns with 10 dogs ahead and trained little tricks and cuddled some. Clearly this work as a start routine also!

Our last run on Sunday I did not expect much of him, as he get more unstable the more tired he is. But we went in, did a clean run, 5th place of 32 dogs and are now qualified for class 2 in jump!!!


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