Kløfta 01.11.2014

Whop whop!!

Fievel had his first run in jump 2 on Saturday. I think class 2 can fit us better, more handling, and I often need to run to reach my position for handling. After qualifying for class 2 2 weeks earlier I have panicked if we are really ready. There is probably a couple of things we can train more on, it will always be like that, but briefing that course was plain FUN!!! Jumping up and down and waiting for our turn to run!

Think our best run so far 🙂 Not even annoyed he disqualified, just thrilled with him!! 😀 and we for sure have something to do in this class 🙂

After that run I did not feel much for the agility run, as we haven’t trained contacts as much as wanted, it’s still our big weakness. But my cool boy does his stuff, 3rd place of 39 attending and another qualification for class 2 🙂




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