That great feeling

In little over a week me and Fievel going to compete class 2 in obedience again. Our debut in March the attitude was wrong, missing in general so much, and Fievel had wrong type of stress and ran out of the ring 3 times cause he didn’t know what to do with himself in happiness. We are still struggling with call in with stand and send to square with stand, but the attitude have been so great lately. Really hoping I see some of the same dog on competition, at least on the heeling 🙂

7 weeks ago I made a 8 week plan for what we going to train on before the competition, to not leave anything out and keep track with what we have and where we want to go. It feels better, and I will for sure do the same with Q-tee forward also.

Today’s practice was great with Fievel, pretty good with Q-tee, but in ways so perfect! They both love this so much, we are clearly doing something right.
Chained last 3 obedience sequences with Fievel. First last «jackpot», then second last and last «jackpot», then third last, second last and last «jackpot».
Fievel built up this happiness and got more and more eager to the end.
On distance control «down» in position next to me and I leave him and go 5-6 meter away. «sit»….»down»…»sit»… and Fievel jumps in the air and into a so so nice stand and shakes his tail sooooo happy.. I really can’t help but laugh! 🙂
Q-tee… think about a rubber bungee.. On the target now we are standing 5-10 meter ish away. When she focuses, I let her go, she explodes, and freezes standing on the target and wagg tail like crazy, she is way more like my old border collie «Rajah», then Fievel. I am in a huge need to learn more about obedience, cause she will go how ever far I manage to teach her 🙂


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