As most people don’t know, my health went to the worse this winter.
To explain it simple, if I’m in the store I’m dizzy and close to faint. If I make food I sit on the sofa and cry of pain after. If i have friends or family over i sit and cry of pain after. My symptoms are several and they come from pretty much nothing.
Simply, I have an amazing husband that’s helping me with what most people take for granted ❤

I have some experience with this ahead, these days (well as always) I try focus on what I can do to make my life quality as good as possible. I’m trying to be tiny bit outside every day, but to limit it. I am scared of getting worse as that’s a big possibility, so I am very careful and keeping myself on a leash, but at the same time have a little fun. Agility i realized in December I won’t see any of in 2015, but obedience is more simple. I don’t need any extra equipment for most and a lot of it can be done in a simple way.

I will try to blog some again. Blog some about our 5 min session’s, cause well, that about what I manage do now. Already seen some progress with my dogs, gonna be fun to see what we manage to the end of the year with good planning.

Q-tee eating ice cream on our national day


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