Call in with stand..

…was the only thing Fievel failed on his last competition. It’s been one of the things we have focused on the last 6 weeks for good reasons.

Splitting it up there have been 5 things to work on.
*Jump stand and freeze both front feet. Fievel went to old habits and lands and gets comfortable with 1-2 extra steps.
*Jump stand, in the air I run away
*Jump stand and stand still over time
*Run from bowl of food and on release run back and eat
*Volunteer jump stand on distance

Today we trained with run away from bowl for the first time with vom&hundemat (raw meat thingy).

Several of the tries ended like this. A sneaky jumping on the food when I called in towards me. Shame about the dog trainer….. Dogs learned to steal, I learned to fool them by pretending to put food there so they could actually fail when they were bastards 😉

But we also got a couple of good ones between the fooling.


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