Weave pole training

Want a great weave pole with Fievel, want him to truly understand it, so trying to find a path between not too hard but still challenging.
This weekend a friend of mine was holding him, he gets stressed up, put him infront of the obstacle on top of the drawing, and me standing on the downside of the poles. This one he failed on last competition when he was all stressed up. What I did not know, there was food laying around to make it extra hard for the blond one 🙂
Got a few fails, but had decided, he gets to work through it! It was clearly hard, but he managed, and got to reward the start of the poles a few times 😀

Today I put up this one


Fievel have mostly trained with me getting to run the shortest way (like first one in the movie), with me running the longest way (like the rest of them) have been tiny bit hard to teach him unless i put in a rear cross, so was expecting a few fails today, but he was great and did not fail once 😀 It is just getting better and better!


Askim 28.09.2014

Time for a new competiton for me and Fievel.

We had such a lovely day in Askim with great friends, I love that I have this as a hobby, enjoying it so much. 🙂
With Fievel i tested out the new routines before competition, warm him up, let him wait in the cage with back on track on and take him out couple of minutes before our turn. He was on fire!
First run, jump class, clean run, our second of the 3 we need for next class 😀 He was on his way out, lost a lot of time there, but still 4 seconds extra left. This is something else then last year 🙂
Second run, agility. Fievel thief started, but soon 7 years old, I don’t give a fuck. Weave pole mistake, weave pole mistake, weave pole mistake, I had a boo boo, he little unfocused and ran past an obstacle, but ran into goal with a great feeling 🙂 All contact obstacles were passed in okey ways and Fievel ended the course loving it and having fun 🙂

Oh and listen to the movie, that little white thing is BARKING his way mostly threw the course! Extra much when ended, he does it when he is happy ^^


Me and Fievel have been out competing again yesterday. So enjoy to train and compete with him 🙂 He had a 5 fault run and a disqualification.

Very very happy with

*speed in general
*weave poles
*speed into the tunnels
*I was good warming up in good time, let him wait little and the take him out right before our run. got a eager dog on the start line

Very much need to work more on

*people as distractions close to the ring, sitting down
*difference between seesaw and dogwalk. if we get dogwalk first its fine, if not, he don’t wanna do it

2 weeks to next competition, can’t wait 🙂

One have left another competed

Q-tee left on saturday, now its only 1 week to the puppies going to come 🙂 Been very nice following her on her pregnancy, scratch her tummy and cuddle with her 🙂


Most of all looking forward til she is back, miss her badly already ❤ 

Me and Fievel have been at NKK Bjerke competing, 2 run with 5 faults and tiny bit time error, a 4th place and a 7th place. Agility run I was very happy with, nice a frame, nice weave pole, nice seesaw, I could have ran more on some points tho. So bitter about the place he ran past an obstacle, cause he normally don’t do stuff like that. :p Then again, there was 2 clean runs in total of 60 dogs in small, medium and large. Mam got some problems with my camera, so don’t have all of the run

The jump run was so so. I thought we should have 10-15 seconds time error since fievel stopped up and walked twice on the court, but looking at the movie he had a nice start and when i moved my butt little more, he did. 🙂 At start he sat and steared at  «helicopter» that probably was taping things from the competition, more interesting then food even. And as I’ve seen on Fievel before, when he is tired, he messes up the weave pole enter. more weave pole training!!!!!! 😀

Nes competition 03.08.2014

wow what a weekend 😀 Fievel really really impressed me ❤

Started with agility today, consider yesterdays contact passes, I really did not expect anything today. My goal was just to get him over all 3 of them 🙂 We started with a lead out pivot far out, he would do it in practice, so why not here when we can’t get a clean run :p
Things that can get better ofc, but HE GOT A CLEAN RUN!! 😀 5th place out of 26 dogs.

Start on jump I wanted to do a LOP again, but a tire on the run, not trained on that so started little with him. Got a very bad crash, need to train that LOP so we have it next time 🙂 Weave pole mistake, but that was it. My happy little guy ❤

Nes competition 02.08.2014

Today Fievel got to debut in agility. I was hoping to get a little more practice then we did, but oh well. I’m impressed how much he tries, his contact mistakes is really all my fault. And I really find him the cutest for all those small errors he does 🙂
How many times do you see a dog run up the dog walk, to run down again, cause he think the see saw ain’t working. 😀 Im laughting his name, when he needs to check if a girl outside is sitting by the ring to say hello to him

Day got warmer and time for jump. We trained some weave poles this summer, so hoped for a clean run, as he is a very easy dog to handle. The course really felt like a clean run when I started the briefing, just smiling looking forward to go it 😀
Fievel was a tiny bit tired, but did a very nice run. Little curious about the number next to the weave pole, but manage catch up before any error done. Our first clean run 😀

So so happy with my little boy and looking forward to run with him again tomorrow 😀